Social Impact

In our current state of affaires we often forget or undermine the significance of unique assets we posses by just being a part of this rich culture. There is always this alarm about society being drifting away form our cultural and social values. There are many organizations and citizenry efforts to address this concern, but there is still a large void.


We at KKF believe that it is our moral responsibility to engage with our surrounding in a productive fashion to emphasize the core assets we possess as a society. We as a society do not know how to thank for our greatest assets. Too much of pop culture and cheap politics has been constantly spoiling our generation. We can see the often-miserable state of social and cultural engagements within our universities and colleges, which not so long ago use to be very alive and vibrant. Our political and cultural leadership are so entangled with each other with different agenda, that it is almost impossible for them to guide the social and cultural changes in the right direction. When the leadership fails to recognize and reacts to sensitivity of the society that complacency can slowly erode the social values. We can ill afford those types of erosion since before we know it can do serious damage to the social fabric.


We at KKF would like to bring back the ownership society or may be reinvent the collective responsibly in our engagements. Lack of ownership towards the cause can make us less sensitive to the pressing need. We as an organization want to bring back the responsibility and accountability within each other for a better cause to preserve the values and the heritage we are so proud of. We need a platform beyond religion, politics, and movies to keep us alive with deep-rooted sensibility. We need an event to remind our public and young generations that we are very rich in our values and blessed with invaluable cultural intellect, which is unmatched in any human civilization. We welcome all people/organizations to come along and join forces with us, and work towards this vision. We plan to engage in following areas to exercise this plan.


· Lecture Series 

· Debate on current affairs 

· Engaging commerce and business organization to social causes 

· Carrier Guidance and mentoring 

· Scholarships 

· Support for handicapped and under privileged


We respect and welcome your participation in any capacity.

Kalyana Krishna Foundation(R), (Reg. 558/03)

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