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Guru vandanam series 2020

Due to the unforeseen events following COVID-19, the KKF team compiled and broadcasted a live 4-day online video program in honor of Guru Sreedevi Rajan. View the promo below.

Enjoy the complete program here:

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The Gurus

Our Inspiration

The significance of the name Kalyana Krishna is to showcase the commitment and relentless pursuit of preserving our heritage and guiding the generation with social and cultural integrity. These two masterful personalities demonstrated the true passion and character in their respective areas and we are honored to have the symbolism it carries for the foundation and its stated objectives. 

Both Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair and Kalamandalam Kallyanikutty Amma were the greatest cultural ambassadors Kerala has ever produced. These two masters represented not just Kerala but India as a whole in cultural map of the world. We will be doing a favor to ourselves by opting to carry this name for the foundation. On the same note we understand the responsibility comes with it. This title can capture the message and represent our mission like no other. Their journeys from the humble beginning to the global cultural ambassadors are truly an effort with epic proportion is hard to emulate. So we consider it as an honor and privilege to establish this foundation on behalf of their names.

Our Objective

Kalyana Krishna Foundation is a not-for-profit organization committed to facilitate and uphold the heritage, values and cultural integrity of our society. We are a non-commercial / completely voluntary organization with no paid staff. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to support orphanages, children with special needs, old-age homes, and mental institutions through many of our various cultural fundraisers and programs. In order to accomplish those goals, KKF plans to engage in the following:

Kalyana Krishna Foundation(R), (Reg. 558/03)

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