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About Us

Jyotis Balasubramanian- Chairman and Founder A brief profile
Jyotis Balasubramanian, a computer engineer and financial analyst by profession. He works in United States of America, for a multinational bank as Vice President of Capital Markets division. A passionate cultural enthusiast and true believer of Austrian school of economics. Hobbies include general economics, geo politics, and economic impact on socio-cultural evolutions through ages.

Guru Sreedevi Rajan- Managing Trustee and Founder A brief profile:
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A renowned exponent and guru of Mohiniyattam, Sreedevi Rajan is the first daughter of "The Gurus" Having undergone her training in Mohiniyattam, Bharatanatyam, Classical Carnatic Music under Guru Shishya Scheme of education, Sreedevi had trained many of today’s Mohiniyattam dancers and had enriched the list of Mohiniyattam dancers. Few of her recent honors include Senior Fellowship from Ministry of Human Recourses, Govt. of India, and the title- “Natyashreshta” in the year 2007 by Kaladarpanam India.

Being a Post Graduate in Malayalam literature, Smt. Sreedevi Rajan, with the Senior Fellowship from Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, had worked on the Medieval and Modern Malayalam literature for widening the reach of abhinaya in Mohiniyattam. At present, as a continuation of her work with Malayalam literature, she is focusing on elaborating the span of “abhinaya” in Mohiniyattam, in which she gives importance to the “Nava rasas”. In her works she is trying to elevate the theme of Mohiniyattam from just Sambhoga Shringara and Vipralambha Shringara to extend the range of “Love” in Mohiniyattam. She had completed her elaborate work on hand gestures used in Mohiniyattam.

This is an organization put together with passion after many years of dream. It functions with hundred percent voluntary services and those who are interested to offer their contribution for this cause are welcome to do so. Contributions in terms of effort, energy and other resource and idea and suggestions are also welcome toward the cause.


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